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 The My Lil' Razorback book allows the reader to travel through the University of Arkansas with a fun and colorful interactive approach.  The My Lil' Razorback book is the perfect introduction to becoming the ultimate Razorback Fan!  This is the perfect gift for any current or future Razorback fan. 


*** Special gift included for online orders.



* "I read the My Lil' Razorback book to my grandchildren (ages 4 & 2) and they are ready to sign-up to be a Razorback!!" - Kelly S.


* "I just read My Lil' Razorback, it is so cool!  Elementary schools would love this!" - Linda L.


* "The book is wonderful!  I love the story, so much information about the UA." - Margaret R.


My Lil' Razorback Book - Colorful & Interactive +special gift. For all ages.

SKU: A977651B
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