Where can we drive to view the Fall foliage in NW Arkansas?

Fall is in the air. Chilly mornings, fog in the valley's, Friday night football, campfires, and the changing of the colors on the trees all equate to autumn in the Ozarks. So where can you go to see the vibrant colors in the Northwest part of Arkansas?

The trees in this region of the country usually begin changing colors around the 2nd week of October, peaking over the last week of October, and finally dropping their bounty around the 2nd week of November each year. We have outlined a few drives we have taken over the years which we believe highlight the spectacular visuals the Boston Mountains have to offer during this time of year.

Rogers, Arkansas to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and back ( 3 Hours)

From Downtown Rogers, Arkansas, take State Highway 62 East to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It's 35 miles to Downtown Eureka Springs and because of the terrain, it takes about 50 minutes to get to Eureka. On your way you will pass by the Thorncrown Chapel as depicted in the picture below and is worth a stop. Continuing on to Downtown Eureka Springs you will come to a junction and from there you can go downtown or continue to State Highway 23 South to head back to Rogers. Follow Highway 23 South for about 15 miles until you come to State Highway 127/State Highway 12 West. You will stay on State Highway 12 for about 30 minutes and this road will lead you back to Downtown Rogers, Arkansas.

Thorncrown Chapel - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas to Devil's Den State Park and back (2.5 Hours)

From Fayetteville take Interstate 49 South to State Highway 74 West to Devil's Den State Park. There are many trials to hike in the area if you wish and the park is dog friendly. 74 West turns into State Highway 170 and you will need to take County Road 29 North (Malico Mountain Rd.). County Road 29 will lead to State Highway 265 North which will lead to Hogeye, Arkansas and eventually back to Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Outside of Hogeye, Arkansas

Around Bella Vista, Arkansas. (1 Hour)

Interstate 49 to State Highway 71 North. State Highway 340 (Lancashire Blvd.) is the main corridor between east and west Bella Vista. Also, with the final addition to I-49, the Bella Vista Bypass is worth the drive into Missouri and looping back on Highway 71 South.

With over 40 miles of hiking and biking trails, Bella Vista offers many chances to experience Fall at its best in the Ozarks. Bella Vista also has many lakes, streams and waterfalls within walking distance to parking with each stop worthy of an Instagram photo opportunity.

Lake in Bella Vista, Arkansas

Cooper Chapel

Fayetteville, Arkansas to Fort Smith, Arkansas and back. (5 Hours)

Take State Highway 16 East out of Fayetteville through Elkins, Arkansas and continue to State Highway 23 South which we call in Arkansas "The Pig Trail." After passing through Cass, Arkansas and over the Mulberry River you will reach Interstate 40. Take I-40 West to Interstate 49 N to Fayetteville.

Anywhere around the Buffalo National River. (5-8 Hours Round-trip from NW Arkansas)

Any of the following towns are perfect for Fall adventures for the day. With the endless views of the Boston Mountains available, driving through this part of the Ozarks will leave you impressed with the fall foliage and the timeless beauty of what the Natural State ultimately represents.

Boxley, Arkansas

Jasper, Arkansas

Compton, Arkansas

Mount Judea, Arkansas

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