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TOP 5 NCAA Basketball Players in 22/23'

Best 5 Players in NCAA Basketball right now.

J. Harris - Boston Mountain Publishing

Thursday, November 24, 2022, 2:53 PM


TOP 5 most exciting players in college basketball so far this season.

Baylor Sheierman - Creighton Blue Jays

Baylor Sheierman is a new addition to the Creighton roster this season after making a great run last year with the South Dakota State Jackrabbits. Sheierman has been nothing short of great for the Blue Jays to kick off the year and I expect that to stay true as the season goes on. Baylor was on one of the biggest stages in Maui this week and balled out time and time again leading his team to the second-place trophy where they fell just short to a really good Arizona team.

Anthony Black - Arkansas Razorbacks

Anthony Black is a true freshman out of Duncanville High School and a McDonald's All-American. All summer he was overshadowed by the commitment of teammate and future Top 10 draft pick Nick Smith Jr., but Black has shown why he was so highly recruited coming out of High School. He truly is the full package. A true point guard, but the catch is he's 6’7 and can do whatever you ask of him. This past week in Maui, Black put his talent in front of us by having back-to-back games with 26 points and 6 assists in each along with a great showing in the third-place game in a win over San Diego State.

Tyrese Hunter - Texas Longhorns

Tyrese Hunter transferred to the Longhorns this year coming from Iowa State where he was the star for the Cyclones. Hunter was the complete package who missing one key piece to his game which was the three-point shot, but in Texas' biggest game so far this season against the mighty Gonzaga Bulldogs, Hunter showed up with 26 points shooting 62.5% from the 3-point line in a dominant win. If the Longhorns go far this year, they will be led by this man right here so keep your eyes on him.

Trayce Jackson-Davis - Indiana Hoosiers

Trayce Jackson-Davis returns to Indiana for his senior year as the star of the team. Without TJD, the Hoosiers were nothing last year. He led them all the way to the NCAA tournament by himself, and it was quite impressive. He has size and gets to work in the post. So far this year he is averaging 21 ppg with 9 rebounds. Almost a double-double per game. When Indiana gets into Big Ten play, it will be interesting to see if this dominance will continue or if other coaching staffs have figured him out by that point. The kid is a senior though, so if they haven't yet, I don't know if they ever will.

Marcus Sasser - Houston Cougars

Marcus Sasser had to sit out the second half of last season due to an injury. Sasser now comes back into this season hungrier than ever. Sasser is off to a hot start this year averaging 16 ppg along with 3 rebounds and 3 assists. You may see those stats and think it's easy to find 5 more guys with better stats right now, but stats do not show what this man does for his team. He is a true leader, and the Houston Cougars were good last year without him, but they would have been great with him. This year Houston has a real shot, and Marcus Sasser is going to be the main guy with the ball getting the job done.

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