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NCAA Football in Review: Week 9

Top Games of the Weekend in Review

J. Harris - Boston Mountain Publishing

Sunday, October 30, 2022, 2:19 PM

Top NCAA College Football Games in Review

Many of the top teams were on a bye week this weekend, so we don’t see as many teams falling in and falling out of our rankings report. There were a few big matchups this weekend, but most of the favorites came out on top. With that being said, there are changes within the Top 30 this week. Before we get to the rankings, we have discussed the biggest games of the weekend in the College Football world.


Tennessee is the hottest team in the country right now undeniably.

Neyland Stadium - Knoxville, Tennessee

Coming in, I was expecting a two score win in a competitive game, but my goodness Kentucky had nothing going for them as the Tennessee Defense was just all over everything. Tennessee could have very easily looked ahead to Georgia next weekend with a potential SEC East championship on the line, but they played in the moment and executed perfectly, setting up a big matchup with the Bulldogs Saturday in Athens, GA.


The score doesn’t exactly show what happened here. Penn State was in control for much of the game and it was looking like it may turn into the upset of the week. In the 4th Quarter when Penn State was driving, Ohio State caused a strip sack that put the game out of reach as Ohio State would then score and had all the momentum going their way. The leaders in the Big 10 East, Ohio State and Michigan are still undefeated and after both teams have beat Penn State in back-to-back weeks. There’s no telling who the better team is, and the division is trending towards a big matchup in the final weekend of the regular season between the two rivals.


This final score was a bit of a shocker. As predicted, I thought Kansas State would win the game, but there is no way anyone saw the final score being what it was. Kansas State had no trouble all day against the Cowboys, and it looked like they were playing an FCS team using their backups. There was just no fight whatsoever from Oklahoma State. Kansas State was up 35-0 at halftime and mid-way through the 3rd Quarter they were able to play backups and get some rest. Dominate performance by the Wildcats.


This game started out very competitive and looked like it’d be a good one.

As the game went on, the biggest factor was the Louisville Defense who was just suffocating the field. I mean, I don’t know when the last time I saw a team force 8 turnovers. Wake Forest kept fighting throughout, but it was just too much to overcome, and Louisville came out with a big upset win.

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